Motion Foot Massage Mat

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Highest grade foam to provide instant pressure relief and support on all high-stress areas. Stand up straight as you feel the release of fatigue and an increase in the workflow for any task at hand. The 3D design features incorporated in our office mat promotes healthy working options during standing. -- This extra-thick ergonomic anti-fatigue mat will provide pressure relief for any working conditions and settings that require long periods of standing. Designed with durability and comfort in mind, the materials used in this mat will retain its shape even after years of use. Being waterproof, this also makes cleaning a breeze. Being 100% Phthalate free and latex free our mats use industry-leading materials which are Non-Toxin as well. Join thousands of satisfied customers that love our MotionGrey line of products and enjoy improved ergonomic posture and overall well being! Instructions for use: 1. Wipe the mat with a damp soapy cloth upon receiving the product. 2. Stand on one foot and test the balance. If comfortable, stand completely on the mat. Features: Surface Material: Nontoxic phthalate-free rubber Backside Material: Nontoxic premium quality ribbed foam Pattern: custom molded support track, massage ball mounts, and acupoint surface Certification: California Proposition 65 Package: Packaged in...

Motion Foot Massage Mat


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