MotionGrey Desk Converter - Black

$119.99 $149.99
MotionGrey is a Vancouver-based company with the mission of providing users a healthy and ergonomic option to their workspace. Alternating between sitting and standing throughout a long workday provides several health benefits for the body, with increased blood flow and enhanced posture to name a few. By standing regularly, the mind remains alert and productive while you work. The MotionGrey Portable Desk Converter Series PD1 features: • Desktop dimension: 72cm x 47cm (28.3in x 18.5in) • Base dimension: 67.3cm x 39.4cm (26.5in x 15.5in) • Weight capacity: 9.1kg (20lbs) • Desktop material: medium density board • Height adjustment range: 6cm up to 40 cm (2.36in up to 15.7in) • Hydraulic Piston Adjustment: variable height adjustment • Frame Material: steel frame • No assembly required, ready to use right out of the box

MotionGrey Desk Converter - Black


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