The Top 10 Gaming Chairs Features That You Need

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Comfort, health, and performance – these are the top reasons most gamers opt to get a gaming chair for their workstation. If you’re a serious gamer who spends hours in front of your PC or console, you may choose to get the same upgrade, not only to increase your chances of winning your games but more so to ensure that your health won’t suffer due to improper seating and posture.

A Closer Look at the Advantages of Gaming Chairs

These chairs are built ergonomically, designed to fit your specific body type and to accommodate the natural curvature of your spine. They allow your back, neck, and shoulders to be comfortable, helping you avoid the usual muscle and joint pains caused by sitting in one position for very long. Proper posture will also keep blood flowing in your body, and this can go a long way in keeping you healthy and well despite the long hours you spend on your seat. And of course, a good chair means you can focus less on any discomfort and more on the game, giving you more chances of victory. Most gaming chairs are also versatile and can be used as office chairs.

Features to Look For in a Gaming Chair

So you’re ready to get a good gaming chair for your workstation? Great! It’s time to go shopping! Before you start looking for options, you must know exactly what the best gaming chair is for you. Below we list down 10 basic features that every gaming chair must-have.

  1. Ergonomic built. This is the feature related the most to posture, health, and comfort. It pertains to the chair’s ability to accommodate your body. In terms of ergonomics, the main focus is lumbar support, especially the lower back. You must check whether the backrest has sufficient curvature to offer stable back support. The chair must also be high enough to accommodate your entire back up to the shoulders, and even the head.
  2. Optimum adjustability. This pertains to a wide range of factors, ranging from the seat height to the tilt angles of the backrest. The best gaming chairs will have different adjustment options and will be able to accommodate gamers who are on the smaller and taller spectrums. In terms of tilt angle, look for gaming chairs with a tilt lock feature, one that can be locked in several angles to allow for different back positions.
  3. Detachable head and lumbar pillows. While most gaming chairs already have back and head support, others offer extra accessories that may be detached and attached as needed. Lumbar pillows can offer added support to the back, but make sure you choose one that you can easily adjust in terms of height for customized positioning. The same is true of the head pillow – it should be easily adjusted to accommodate your neck and head.
  4. Well-built armrests. While there is much said about the importance of neck and lumbar support, the arms and wrists also need the same care, especially among gamers who spend lots of time pressing on buttons and tapping on the keyboard. Whether you’re into PC gaming or console gaming, a good armrest is crucial to arm and wrist care. And when it comes to this, check those that are not only adjustable in height but also positioned at just the right distance from your body so that the arms can rest comfortably on them.
  5. Proper dimensions. This has a lot to do with the ability of the chair to accommodate your specific height and weight. A good gaming chair that is fit for your specific body type can go a long way in ensuring optimum comfort. It must allow you to move your arms freely, adjust the seat height, and to tilt the backrest as much as you need to.
  6. Comfortable cushion. When it comes to gaming chair cushion, memory foam is at the top of the game – it is firm enough to support you and soft enough to be comfortable. And, it lasts longer without sagging compared to other materials. Another alternative, which is comparable in quality, is cold foam.
  7. High-quality upholstery. While cushion is the internal seat component, upholstery pertains to the seat covers, and there are several materials available for this. Real leather is a good option in terms of quality and durability. Mesh is often popular for those who want breathability in their gaming chair – it’s cooler to the body and therefore more comfortable. Meanwhile, the fabric is also popular because of the soft and reliable support that it offers. It’s a good choice for gaming chairs that also double as an office chair.
  8. Frames, chair base, wheels, and casters. These are parts of gaming chairs that are not often talked about. But even though they do not directly affect the neck and back support, for instance, they can determine the chair’s durability and longevity. Metal frames are preferable for their sturdiness. For the base, those with at least 5 feet are great options. Additionally, you may want to check reviews to find out which chairs have a quiet caster.
  9. Excellent compatibility. This depends mostly on what type of gaming you do, whether PC gaming or console gaming – the chair must be suitable for your specific gaming activity. For instance, if you play on your PC, then you can get a gaming chair that can also double as an office chair. However, if you’re a console gamer, you need a more specialized chair. Check what chair is right for you.
  10. Overall style. This pertains to extra features you may want for your gaming chair. A bucket chair is one that has raised sides to give the feel of a car seat, which may be helpful for those in racing games. Meanwhile, a chair with a waterfall design can help relieve pressure on the thighs. Lastly, you may want to opt for a gaming chair with a winged backrest. It can help keep you in your seat despite various movements during the game.

Ready to upgrade to a gaming chair? You’ll find different options available in the market, and the search can be confusing. But as long as you know your priority features and what you want from your gaming chair, the search will be easier. Keep the list above as your guide to help you find the right chair for you.

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