Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs Compared – Which Style is Better?

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If you’re playing at working at the same desk, you’re left wondering which type of chair to use. Gaming chairs and office chairs seem very similar at a first glance but they each have their pros and cons. This article aims to analyze every major part of a gaming chair and a typical office chair so that you make a better choice.

A computer gaming chair is different from an office chair both in basic features such as design and in small features such as lumbar support.

Gaming chairs vs office chairs – a head to head comparison

Gaming is growing in popularity and it now enjoys its dedicated chairs. Office chairs are a bit older, but this doesn’t make them necessarily better.


You will see the term ‘ergonomics’ often mentioned by both gaming chair manufacturers and by office chair brands. But at its roots, ergonomics referred to the study of people’s efficiency at work. This is why it would be correct to associate the term more with office chairs. These chairs are specifically designed to make you highly efficient at work while offering the healthiest sitting posture.


The way the seat pan is designed generally differs in these 2 types of chairs. Gaming chairs in Canada and across the world are known for their bucket-style seat pan that lets you sink in, similarly to a racing seat. Office chairs are typically made with a flat or a curved seat pan without as much lateral support. They might come with a lip-style edge to prevent circulatory issues in your legs.


The backrest of the gaming chair also benefits from elevated edges or lateral support similar to racing car seats. The backrest is flat or curved on the modern office chair. However, this is not necessarily the norm with some ergonomic office chairs offering a curved backrest to support the lower back, mainly for a perfect upright working position.


The headrest is one of the main areas of difference between gaming chairs and office chairs. Most gaming chairs come with a headrest that is integrated into the backrest. Office chairs often offer an adjustable headrest that allows users of various heights to enjoy personalized head support.

Seat edge

The racing seat profile of the gaming chair is also seen in its seat pan design. With raised edges, it feels like the user is often seating in deeper in the chair. On the other hand, the waterfall-like design of the office chair’s seat pan makes it more formal. Highly suitable for sitting long hours with the best posture, this type of seatpan can also be thinner when compared to the thickly-cushioned design of the gaming chair.

Lumbar support

The best gaming chair offers some type of lumbar support, mainly with detachable pillows. Some of these pillows can be adjusted vertically to suit users of different heights. Most office chairs don’t offer lumbar pillows but adjustable lumbar support. Some of the best office chairs may also offer fixed lumbar support, mainly through the curvature of the lower backrest.


Armrests are adjustable on both styles of chairs. However, given many gamers play using a PC gaming controller, gaming chair armrests tend to be adjustable in 3-4 ways. They go up, down, and to the sides. Office chair armrests mainly adjust only up and down.


A considerable percentage of gaming chairs are made with leather is synthetic leather, as well as with a type of cushioning (mainly foam). Office chairs tend to be made with more breathable materials such as mesh. Leather office chairs are now rare.


Fixed backrest chairs are rare in both categories. Office chairs tend to offer a measurable recline angle, typically smaller than the one on gaming chairs. When it comes to the ultimate recline angle, gaming chairs tend to be superior. Many lay-flat chairs that recline the backrest parallel to the floor are seen in the gaming community. They mainly favor gamers who love to take a break after long hours of playing.

Design and colors

There’s a considerable difference between how gaming chairs look compared to office chairs. The nature of gaming allows it to be more relaxed and as a result, gaming chairs are made with daring colors. Bright red and orange are no strangers to these types of chairs.

Office chairs need to be a bit more formal. This also means the colors of these chairs tend to be neutral or muted. While there are plenty of vividly-colored office chairs, color combinations are not as extravagant as on gaming seats.

PulseLabz Enforcer Series White Gaming Chair - Front View

Which chair should you choose?

Simply comparing gaming chairs to office chairs without a price range is impossible. The cheapest gaming chairs are superior to the cheapest office chairs in terms of comfort. Things dramatically change when it comes to high-end chairs. Premium office chairs are far superior to premium gaming chairs in terms of ergonomics.

Some of the leading office chair manufacturers employ physicians, designers, and other professionals to create even the smallest upgrades in terms of ergonomics and proper posture support. Having a winged backrest as with gaming chairs is rarely the best ergonomics you can count on.

Final considerations

When it comes to making the right decision between gaming chairs and office chairs, you need to go with the activity you participate in the most. If you play more, you can choose a gaming chair. If you play on occasion, a good office chair is the best choice. It can be seen as a computer chair for gaming on occasion.

This is mainly due to the research in posture, ergonomics, and lumbar support. A recent study shows that even a basic lumbar support system is beneficial for promoting neutral spine posture. In turn, this neutral spine posture boosts comfort.

As a result, when you’re sitting at the desk working for 8 hours per day, an office chair is the best choice. If you only play a few hours per day at the desk, the plush sinking feeling of the best chair for gaming can be the pampering alternative.

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