Gaming Chairs as Office Chairs – Is it a Good Idea?

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You can use gaming chairs instead of office chairs, but you need to expect a few differences. Posture is one of the main areas of focus for an office chair while comfort is the main attraction of the gaming chair. This is why many gamers ask if they can rely on a gaming chair for work?

Gaming chairs aren’t as new as office chairs as gaming itself is newer. While these types of chairs are different, they also have similarities. First, we’ll look at their strength. Then, we’ll have a closer look at what science tells us about office chairs and their health implications.

Gaming chair benefits

You can easily recognize gaming chairs with their thick cushioning (typically EVA foam) for the best comfort. When you play 5-8 hours each day, the cushioning helps you stay comfortable for longer.

• Comfortable padding

The comfortable padding of a computer gaming chair vs. office chairs is somewhat similar from one product to another. There’s plenty of padding on the backrest and the seat. Also, extra padding is added to the sides of the backrest for that sink-in feeling.

But the comfort level of gaming chairs is also seen in the headrest design, which is integrated into the backrest. If not all office chairs come with a headrest, all gaming chairs come with proper head support.

• Racing style gaming

A big appeal gaming chairs have is their racing-inspired design. The racing style is one that inspires gamers as these chairs don’t look as formal as office chairs. Almost all gaming chairs come in vivid colors, large branding, and visible colored stitching.

Office chair benefits

Office chairs have a different user in mind. Most of them are made to offer proper posture support and enhanced breathability. Materials such as mesh (seen on Herman Miller chairs) are used to produce the backrest which is supportive and which allows air circulation.

• Enhanced lumbar support

Low back support is integrated into the backrest. You can recognize it by the curvature on the bottom of the backrest. This is not typical of gaming chairs. Most gaming chairs offer minimal low back support or a simple pillow you place behind your back. In the ending section of this article, you’re going to find out which lumbar support is key to good posture as it’s a researched issue.

• Better overall ergonomics

‘Ergonomics’ is a term used to describe efficiency and comfort at the desk. Both of these go hand in hand. If many gamers play purely out of passion, office workers need to be efficient and deliver the work, which is only possible while sitting on the right office chair.

Gaming chairs vs office chairs – what science tells us

We already know that sitting for long hours is bad for your health. But sitting in the wrong chair has its problems as well. Your posture can suffer tremendously if the chair you sit in all day isn’t designed properly.

Bad chair ergonomics promotes slouching

When your backrest isn’t supportive, you’ll have to deal with slouching, at the very least. A decreased energy level and decreased workplace productivity are other problems you have to deal with

Maintaining a straight posture is almost impossible without a conscious effort to straighten the back. At the same time, it’s very difficult on a chair made without abiding by ergonomic principles.

Ergonomic chairs improve productivity

One of the major areas of interest for employers is their employees’ productivity. This is a key area of the best office chairs. A study shows workplace productivity can be improved by up to 50% simply by switching to ergonomic office chairs.

Gaming chairs are made for comfort and office chairs for productivity

From this point onwards, we can agree gaming chairs and office chairs are made for different purposes. Gaming chairs use maximum cushioning for proper comfort, even when you immerse yourself in hours of playing at a time. Office chairs are made for productivity and proper posture. When you work at the desk, it can be difficult to remain productive as your health can suffer from a prolonged sitting period. As a result, ergonomic office chairs are almost mandatory just to stay efficient at work.

Can you use gaming chairs instead of office chairs?

You can use gaming chairs for working purposes for a few hours per day. You should have at least a low back pillow to consider for back support and then you should be able to adjust it (rocking, tilting, height, and armrests) just as a regular office chair.

The real question here is if you should do it? It might be a good idea to find the best gaming chair with low back support even for your gaming needs. However, there are a few of its characteristics that can reduce productivity, workplace efficiency, or focus.

Gaming chairs aren’t as breathable

Most gaming chairs are made with foam cushioning and with a type of leather cover. This means breathability isn’t the best which is important when you sit all day. This can decrease your productivity at work, especially during the hot summer months.

Final words

In theory, you can choose any type of chair as long as it’s an ergonomic design for all types of tasks at the computer desk. In practice, a dedicated office chair is better for work and a gaming chair is better for gaming.


Which is a better gaming chair or office chair?

Gaming chairs are the best for gamers due to their plush cushioning. Office chairs are better for an office worker or occasional gamers. They have different purposes and you might even end up using both.

Are gaming chairs worth buying?

Gaming chairs are now made with durable materials and good adjustability. They are worth the investment if you play for at least a few hours per day.

What is the most comfortable chair for gaming?

The Guardian Series gaming chair comes with comfortable high-density foam, perfect for those seeking the ultimate comfort.

Are gaming chairs good for posture?

The same Guardian Series gaming chair features an adjustable lumbar support pillow and a built-in headrest so that you always sit straight without slouching or rounded shoulders. content goes here!

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